Meet Dave


I grew up in Sunnyvale, went to Stanford, and have practiced law for over 25 years right here.  I worked on the defense side earlier in my career and I have an understanding of how my opponents think and act.  I can put this knowledge into good use for you.

I enjoy working as a plaintiff’s attorney because I get to work with people, people who have a story, an injury, and need help.  I feel like I am helping individuals become whole.  I spend a good deal of time talking with my clients – I answer my own phone, so when you call, you will talk to me.

If I do not think there is a basis for your law suit, I will tell you why.  If I do take your case, I will work with you to understand your injuries, and to make sure you understand the litigation process.

I look forward to hearing from you.

My areas of specialty are Personal Injury (accidents) and Medical Malpractice (injuries from doctor’s mistakes).